Toddler Car Seats

When your little one’s head comes up over the top of their baby car seat, it is time to move on to the next stage: a toddler car seat. As your little one is growing, so is the challenge of installing them correctly and quickly. Our toddler seats blend safety and comfort with practical element to make each journey easy, every day.


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  1. Pearl 360
    Pearl 360
    Made to evolve with you
    £  259.99
    In stock
    • One hand FlexiSpin rotation
    • ClimaFlow for temperature control
    • Easy-in harness
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
  2. Pearl 360 Pro
    Pearl 360 Pro
    Our most comfortable car seat for toddlers and parents
    £  299.99
    In stock
    • Innovative SlideTech® technology
    • Superior sleeping positions
    • Easy-in harness
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
    • One-hand FlexiSpin rotation
  5. Mica 360 Pro
    Mica 360 Pro
    Slide & spin in comfort
    £  349.99
    In stock
    • Innovative SlideTech® technology
    • Multiple recline positions
    • Easy-in harness
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
    • One-hand 360° rotation
  8. Titan Pro i-Size
    Titan Pro i-Size
    The ultimate protector through childhood
    £  269.99 Suggested price £  269.99
    In stock
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
    • Easy-in harness
    • ClimaFlow temperature control
    • AirProtect® safety cushions
  9. Mica Pro Eco i-Size
    Mica Pro Eco i-Size
    Care for today and tomorrow
    £  299.99 Suggested price £  299.99
    In stock
    • 100% recycled fabrics
    • ClimaFlow for temperature control
    • 360° Rotation using one hand
    • G-CELL 2.0 Side Impact Protection
    • Get your child in easily
  10. Mica Eco i-Size
    Mica Eco i-Size
    Everyday made safe, easy & sustainable
    £  249.99 Suggested price £  249.99
    In stock
    • Easy 360° Rotation
    • i-Size Safety
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
    • 100% recycled fabrics
  13. Titan Plus i-Size
    Titan Plus i-Size
    Safety & comfort as they grow
    £  239.99 Suggested price £  239.99
    In stock
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
    • Multiple recline positions
    • Grows with you
    • Soft foam cushion
  14. Nomad Plus
    Nomad Plus
    Freedom to travel
    £  129.99
    In stock
    • Easy to take everywhere
    • Fits easily into any car
    • Take safety with you
    • Comfortable everywhere you go
  15. 360 Pro Family Bundle
    360 Pro Family Bundle
    Includes our Pebble 360 Pro & Pearl 360 Pro car seats with the slide out, rotating FamilyFix 360 Pro base. Can be used from birth up to 4 years!
    £  779.97 Suggested price £  779.97
    In stock
    • Innovative SlideTech® technology
    • Full lie-flat position for infant car seat
    • Easy-in harness
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
    • One-hand FlexiSpin rotation
  16. Titan i-Size
    Titan i-Size
    Built to protect, comfort & last
    £  199.99
    In stock
    • Long-term i-Size safety
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
    • 5-point safety harness
    • 5 Recline positions
  17. Pearl Pro 2 i-Size
    Pearl Pro 2 i-Size
    1st class comfort and safety up to 4 years old
    £  219.99 Suggested price £  219.99
    In stock
    • Extra padded comfort cushion
    • High density seat unit padding
    • Recline position for sleeping
    • Easy-in harness
  18. AxissFix
    Safety turns easy
    £  219.99
    In stock
    • 360° swiveling seat
    • i-Size for improved safety
    • Rear and forward-facing 
    • Long-lasting car seat (Group 0+/1)

Maxi-Cosi Toddler Car Seats

Each of our Maxi-Cosi car seats for toddlers are designed with comfort and safety in mind, even now your baby is no longer a baby. Our seats offer practical features that make everyday trips easier. One such feature is the easy-in harness that makes getting your child into their car seat less of a struggle.

Our toddler car seats also have adjustable headrests and harnesses that ensure your car seat can adapt and offer optimal comfort and safety as your toddler grows. Change the height or harness to perfectly fit the needs of your child and keep them safe on the road no matter how fast they grow!

Rotating Functionality

We have multiple car seats that also offer one-hand rotating functionality, making getting in and out of the car with your child even easier. This means our rear facing toddler car seats can transition to forward facing car seats as your child grows. That switch to forward facing travel should only happen after your child reaches 15 months.

With one of Maxi-Cosi’s rotating car seats, it not only becomes easier to get your child into their seat but also makes it a lot safer. You can be sure that they’re in place correctly, and the whole process is made even easier with our innovative easy-in harness or belt hooks.

ISOFIX Installation

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new toddler car seat is how it’s going to be installed in your car. Today, the quickest and easiest way to install car seats for toddlers is via ISOFIX. This feature makes it easy to install car seats safely and correctly in your car thanks to the different indicators that toddler car seat ISOFIX offers.

There’s an audible click as well as visual indicators that make it crystal clear to you when the seat is installed correctly. And if you don’t see and hear those indicators, you’ll know it’s not. That helps to prevent incorrect installation and the safety issues that come with that.

But don’t worry if your car doesn’t have ISOFIX anchors. At Maxi-Cosi we also offer toddler car seats that can be installed with the belt of your car, just follow the instructions in the included manual to install it safely and correctly.

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