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Switching to a booster seat with head support? Our child car seat range with back and neck protection offers peace of mind up to 12 years. Our group 2/3 car seats and group 1/2/3 car seats are a perfect fit and offer safety and comfort as your child grows.


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  1. Titan Pro i-Size
    Titan Pro i-Size
    The ultimate protector through childhood
    £ 294.99
    Out of stock
    • Highest i-Size Safety Standard
    • G-CELL 2.0 Side Impact Protection
    • ClimaFlow Temperature Control
    • AirProtect® Safety Cushions
  2. Titan i-Size
    Titan i-Size
    Built to protect, comfort & last
    £ 249.99
    Out of stock
    • Long-term i-Size safety
    • G-CELL Side Impact Protection
    • 5-point safety harness
    • 5 Recline positions
  3. Kore Pro i-Size
    Kore Pro i-Size
    It's in their hands
    £ 229.99
    Out of stock
    • ClickAssist light
    • iSize safety
    • Superior side protection
    • Grows with your child
  6. Kore i-Size
    Kore i-Size
    It's in their hands
    £ 189.99
    Out of stock
    • Quick and easy to buckle up
    • iSize safety
    • Superior side protection
    • Grows with your child
  7. Tanza
    Safe and easy to use highback booster seat
    £ 109.00
    Out of stock
    • G-CELL technology
    • ISOFIX installation
    • Grows with your child from 100 up to 150 cm
    • Comfortable seat with extra padding
  8. RodiFix AirProtect®
    RodiFix AirProtect®
    Quick and comfortable seat
    £ 142.99
    Out of stock
    • Quick and easy buckleup
    • Extra protection of child's head
    • ISOFIX installation
    • Grows with the child
  9. Morion i-Size
    Morion i-Size
    Easy to use and according the highest i-Size safety standards
    £ 149.99
    Out of stock
    • i-Size for improved safety 
    • ISOFIX installation
    • Grows with your child from 100 up to 150 cm
    • Easy headrest and backrest adjustment
  10. Rodi SPS
    Rodi SPS
    Safe and simple child seat
    £ 79.00 Suggested price £ 89.99
    Out of stock
    • Side Protection System
    • Adjustable in height
    • Lightweight
  11. Emerald
    i-Size safety from day one up to 7 years
    £ 369.99 Suggested price £ 369.99
    Out of stock
    • From birth till 7 years old
    • Rearward facing up to 4 years
    • i-Size safety
    • G-CELL technology
  12. Beryl
    A perfect fit every time
    £ 329.99 Suggested price £ 329.99
    Out of stock
    • From birth to 7 years
    • One harness that grows as your child does
    • Fits all cars
    • GCELL technology
  13. Titan Plus
    Titan Plus
    Grow in comfort
    £ 219.00 Suggested price £ 229.99
    Out of stock
    • Multi-age use (9 months-12 years)
    • Extra-padding for best-in-class comfort
    • ClimaFlow for temperature control
    • Easy installation of the child
  14. Titan
    Designed for the future
    £ 129.00 Suggested price £ 169.99
    Out of stock
    • Multiage use from 9 months to 12 years
    • Easy headrest adjustment
    • Multiple recline positions
    • Solid ISOFIX and top tether connection to the car

Maxi-Cosi car seats for children

Group 2 3 | 15-36kg | 3.5 to 12 years

They grow up so fast! Remember the time you brought your newborn home for the first time in a baby car seat? Now it’s already time for a child car seat. Time flies!

Our Maxi-Cosi child car seats are there to keep your family safe, until they are not required to use  a car seat anymore. We recommend to always use a high back car seat for children up to 12 years, your child will be safely protected during a side collision. Top that off with our innovative features like G-cell and Airprotect® technology and wherever you go, your child will be safe.

Within our range of car seats for children, we offer car seats that can be installed with the ISOFIX anchors of your car. This is not only very easy to install, it also make sure your group 2/3 ISOFIX car seat stays in place when your not-so-little one is not sitting in it. We also offer child car seats that can be installed with the belt of the car seat so no worries if you don’t have ISOFIX anchors in your car.

Any of our Maxi-Cosi child car seats are easily adjustable to fit your child as it continuesly grows. Just change the height or width to give your child more space and comfort. And by letting them fasten the seatbelt by themselves, they really feel like independent ‘grown-ups’.

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