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Switching to a booster seat with head support? Our child car seat range with back and neck protection offers peace of mind up to 12 years. Our group 2/3 car seats are a perfect fit and offer safety and comfort as your child grows.


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Maxi-Cosi car seats for children

They grow up so fast! Remember when you brought your newborn home from the hospital for the first time? And now it’s already time to buy them their very first child car seat. Time flies!

It’s an important step to take as a new parent, and you’ll want to make sure that the child car seat you choose is the right one. If you’re not sure where to start or what you should be looking for in a children’s car seat, you’re in the right place.

Protection Throughout Childhood

Our Maxi-Cosi child car seats are there to keep your child safe for as long they’re required to use one. We always recommend using a car seat with a high back for children all the way up to 12 years of age. We have a range of high back booster seats that’ll provide that support.

By using the right car seat throughout childhood, you can be sure your child will receive optimal protection in the event of a collision on the road. It delivers safety for your child and peace of mind for you.

Important Safety Features

Maxi-Cosi car seats are always at the cutting edge when it comes to new safety features and innovations. Our G-CELL and AirProtect® features perfectly demonstrate that commitment. G-CELL spreads the impact of a collision in the event of a crash, providing better protection for your child.

AirProtect® is a technology that’s specifically designed to protect your child’s head in the event of a side-impact road collision. It does that by diverting the impact forces of a collision away from your child and absorbing them into the headrest.

Car Seat Installation

ISOFIX offers a quick and easy way to install your child car seat, while also delivering stability and peace of mind so you can be sure the seat won’t move around when your not-so-little one is using it. If your car doesn’t have ISOFIX anchors, don’t worry. Our child car seats that can also be installed with just the seatbelt.

As your child grows, their car seat will need to change to fit their needs too. Luckily, our Maxi-Cosi car seats are easily adjustable, allowing them to continually offer the perfect fit for your child. You can change the height or the width to give your child the extra space and comfort they need.

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