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Titan Plus i-Size

Titan Plus i-Size

Titan Plus i-Size

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G-CELL Side Impact Protection | Multiple recline positions | Grows with you | Soft foam cushion |

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  • G-CELL Side Impact Protection

    Built to the highest i-Size safety standards, Titan Plus i-Size provides superior protection from side impacts. G-CELL technology is an integrated safety system, engineered to spread the forces of an impact away from your child to reduce injury.

  • Multiple recline positions

    With 4 different recline positions, your child will always be sitting comfortably, whether they’re sitting up looking out of the window or reclining and relaxing.

  • Grows with you

    The height of the headrest is adjustable in 11 different positions, so your child will feel supported, comfortable & protected from 15 months to 12 years old.

  • Soft foam cushion

    Titan Plus i-Size features soft foam cushioning in the headrest, for comfort and protection.

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