This document tells you the terms and conditions of Dorel's Product Return Policy. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before returning any Products. 


In this document, "Dorel" or "we" means Dorel UK Ltd, trading as Dorel; "agreement" means the Terms & Conditions of Sale of Goods of Dorel, together with the relevant order confirmation(s) and dispatch confirmation(s) issued by Dorel, which set forth the terms and conditions for the delivery of Products by Dorel to the Customer; "Product" or "Products" means the baby and toddler car seats, strollers, pushchairs and/or other juvenile products and accessories as well as all related documentation to be supplied by Dorel; and "Customer" means each person not acting in the performance of a profession or a business that enters into an agreement with Dorel. 

Products eligible for return 

Not all Products are eligible for return. Only the following Products may be returned:    

  • Products new and unused returned within fourteen days as of delivery of the Products;
  • Products that are defective, subject to the provisions of Clause 22 of the terms and conditions; 
  • Products that are shipped due to Dorel's processing error; 
  • Products delivered under an agreement which has been cancelled by a Customer in accordance with the agreement. 

Process and credit

Once Dorel has received the return form provided for in Annex 1 of this policy duly filled-in by the Client, or any other unequivocal and legible statement stating the Client’s decision to return the Product, Dorel shall, without delay, provide the Customer with an acknowledgement of receipt of such return intention on any durable medium (support durable) containing the Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number and return instructions. Returned Products must be accompanied by the original Order Confirmation and Dispatch Confirmation, invoice and/or packing slip and must include the RGA number on the outside of the box. The burden of proof of exercising the right of return shall be on the Customer. Subject to the receipt of the Product in good order, Dorel will credit the Customer's account in accordance with the agreement.

Freight for returned Products 

All Products returned to Dorel should be packaged to prevent damage in shipping. Dorel assumes no liability for damage to Products shipped to Dorel. The Customer is responsible for all freight charges and Product damage incurred during shipment to and from Dorel, except for defective Products or Products shipped due to Dorel's processing error and subject to clause 22 of the Terms & Conditions of Sale of Goods.    

Contact Information 

If you have a question about this Product Return Policy please contact Dorel through our Customer Care team. You can also contact us at:  

Dorel UK Ltd.

2nd floor, Building 4, Imperial Place

Maxwell Road, Borehamwood 

Hertfordshire, WD6 1JN, United Kingdom

This Product Return Policy is subject to change by Dorel without notice. 

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