Welcome to the Maxi-Cosi Outlet. Here you’ll find our trusted car seats, pushchairs and many more childcare essentials for an outlet price. All our Maxi-Cosi products are designed to make parenting life easier, following the highest safety and quality guidelines. Discover all categories below.

  1. Lila SP
    Lila SP
    Take comfort in a compact size
    £ 389.00 Suggested price £ 399.00
    Out of stock
    • Lightweight
    • One-hand flash fold
    • Thermo-regulated mattress
    • Integrated nap keeper
  2. e-Snooze Baby Sleep Tracker
    e-Snooze Baby Sleep Tracker
    For easier sleep, for baby and you
    £ 119.00 Suggested price £ 129.00
    Out of stock
    • Tracks under mattress while baby sleeps
    • Monitors heart rate and sleep cycle
    • Easy monitoring via Maxi-Cosi Smart app
    • Recharges with included USB cable
  3. Adorra
    Part of the family
    £ 379.00 Suggested price £ 429.00
    Out of stock
    • Cocooning seat
    • Lightweight
    • Huge shopping basket
    • Flexible travel system
  6. Pearl Pro 2 i-Size
    Pearl Pro 2 i-Size
    1st class comfort and safety up to 4 years old
    £ 209.99 Suggested price £ 209.99
    Out of stock
    • Extra padded comfort cushion
    • High density seat unit padding
    • Recline position for sleeping
    • Easy-in harness
  7. Laika²
    Ready for the daily obstacle course
    £ 259.00 Suggested price £ 269.00
    Out of stock
    • Ultra-light and one-hand fold
    • Super lightweight and compact
    • Extra-padded seat
    • Flexible travel system
  8. Pebble Pro
    Pebble Pro
    The seat that embraces your baby
    £ 189.00 Suggested price £ 199.99
    Out of stock
    • iSize (ECE R129) safety
    • Part of the 3wayFamily
    • Flexible travel system
    • Ergonomic headrest and babyhugg inlay
  9. Rock
    A safe place for your baby
    £ 159.00 Suggested price £ 169.00
    Out of stock
    • i-Size, for improved safety
    • Seat belt or Click & Go installation
    • Removable baby-hugg inlay
    • Flexible travel system
  10. Tinca
    One for everyone
    £ 119.00 Suggested price £ 139.00
    Out of stock
    • Lightweight design
    • i-Size, for improved safety
    • Large UV protective sun canopy
    • Flexible travel system
  11. CabrioFix
    Safe, comfortable infant carrier
    £ 109.00 Suggested price £ 139.00
    Out of stock
    • Side Protection System
    • Seat belt or Click & Go installation
    • Flexible travel system
    • Extra comfy head support
  12. AxissFix Plus
    AxissFix Plus
    Safety turns easy, now from birth
    £ 349.00 Suggested price £ 359.00
    Out of stock
    • iSize safety
    • 360° swiveling seat
    • Grows with baby from birth to 4 years
    • Rearward and forwardfacing travel
  13. Jade
    Sleep, Slide & Go
    £ 219.00 Suggested price £ 229.00
    Out of stock
    • Complies with the highest safety standards (ECE R129)
    • Unique Slide & Go ISOFIX installation with the FamilyFix base
    • Perfect lieflat position at all times
    • Part of the 3wayFamily
  14. Carrycot Oria
    Carrycot Oria
    Space and comfort for your newborn
    £ 169.00 Suggested price £ 179.99
    Out of stock
    • Spacious and comfortable
    • Lightweight
    • Protective canopy
    • Foldable

Maxi-Cosi Outlet

The Maxi-Cosi outlet offers a full range of products: car seats for different age groups; single, double and triple pushchairs; ISOFIX bases and other baby products. All our Maxi-Cosi products are designed to make parenting life easier, following the highest safety and quality guidelines.

These new outlet products come from collections that predate those offered in specialist shops, which is why you can benefit from advantageous prices on our website.

Our car seats have made Maxi-Cosi your trusted partner for safe, comfortable travel for decades. With a Maxi-Cosi outlet car seat you can be sure to travel carefree. For every situation we offer the best solutions for your needs.

Our Maxi-Cosi pushchairs are designed to explore the world in a comfortable and fun way for both yourself and your little one. We combine comfort, design and functionality in every pushchair.

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