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Leona² Luxe

Leona² Luxe

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Leona² Luxe

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Luxurious flexible travel system | Ultra-compact folding size | Grows with your child | Large puncture-proof wheels |

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  • Luxurious flexible travel system

    Leona² Luxe can be used from birth, so you can start exploring the world together straightaway and its smart design can be used in combination with a compatible luxe carrycot & infant car seat (sold separately), all with premium fabrics and finishes.

  • Ultra-compact folding size

    The Leona² Luxe pushchair packs maximum comfort into an ultra-compact size. Super-light, it fits into small spaces such as the boots of taxis and makes city living feel easy.

  • Grows with your child

    Leona² Luxe has a fully reclining, reversible seat with memory buttons, and a height adjustable backrest to suit your growing child, so you can both explore the city in comfort.

  • Large puncture-proof wheels

    With large, puncture proof wheels and super-absorbent 4-wheel suspension, the Leona² Luxe pushchair can handle anything the city streets have in store.

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