RodiFix R i-Size

Safe & secure for years
3.5 - 12 Y
100 - 150 cm
15 - 36 kg
£  129.99
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Why Choose Me

G-CELL Side Impact Protection

RodiFix R i-Size features integrated G-CELL technology with Side Impact Protection; engineered to spread the forces of an impact away from your child.

Grows with you

The seat’s adjustable design alters in height, so your child will always be safe & comfortable everywhere you go, from 3.5 to 12 years old (100-150 cm).

ISOFIX Installation

Safe, secure and stable. The RodiFix R i-Size is equipped with ISOFIX connectors, making it super-quick and easy to install in the car.

ClimaFlow for temperature control

Designed with improved ClimaFlow breathable fabrics to enhance air circulation and keep your child at the right temperature.

Product description

Offering safety for years, the RodiFix R i-Size adjusts and grows with your child, so they’ll always be protected on the move. With integrated G-CELL Side Impact Protection and designed to the highest safety standards, the high back booster seat will ensure your child’s safety from toddler to teen (100–150cm). Built to last, for parents’ peace of mind.
Built to the highest i-Size safety standards, RodiFix R i-Size offers maximum safety for your child. With ISOFIX connectors, it has great stability even when your child is not sitting in their seat. With 45% of impacts coming from the side, the RodiFix R i-Size has integrated G-CELL Side Impact Protection, specifically engineered to spread the forces of an impact away from your child to reduce injury, especially around the head, neck and shoulders. The RodiFix R i-Size grows with your child, so they’ll always be safe on the move. Built to last and protect, for parents’ peace of mind.
Ease of use
With ISOFIX connectors, the RodiFix R i-Size is super quick and easy to install in the car. Securing your child is quick and easy too – with no bulky armrests to get in the way, buckling up using the seat belt is always fast and hassle-free. So easy in fact, that independent children can buckle-up themselves. Because of the seat’s adjustable design, it’s easy to keep up with your child’s growth too – simply press a button on the back of the headrest/backrest to adjust the height as they get taller.
Age range
Built to last. With its easy adjustable height feature, the RodiFix R i-Size grows in sync with your child. This high back booster seat will keep your little one safe, protected and comfortable from toddler to teenager (3.5–12 years old/100–150cm). As time flies by and your child grows, just press the button on the back of the headrest/backrest and slide up for the perfect fit, year after year. Not only extending the seat’s height and longevity, but also providing more than 8 years’ peace of mind. Priceless!
Comfort features
With its adjustable padded headrest, backrest and cushioned seat, the RodiFix R i-Size offers the perfect fit, whether your little one is 3.5 or 12 years old. Parents can relax knowing that the extendable headrest and backrest are not only protective, but also provide extra cushioning on every journey – be it a long adventure or a quick trip to the shops. Made using 100% recycled fabrics, this high back booster seat always provides a comfy position, even when sleeping. For enhanced comfort, the RodiFix R i-Size has ClimaFlow fabrics to help keep your child at a comfortable temperature.

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