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RodiFix S i-Size

RodiFix S i-Size

RodiFix S i-Size

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3.5 - 12 Y
100 - 150 cm
15 - 36 kg

Multiple recline positions | G-CELL Side Impact Protection | AirProtect® safety cushions | Grows with you |

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Why Choose Me

  • Multiple recline positions

    With different, relaxing recline positions, your child will always be cosy and comfy when you're on the move, regardless of whether they’re sitting up and looking out of the window or sat back and sleeping.

  • G-CELL Side Impact Protection

    Built to the highest i-Size safety standards, RodiFix S i-Size provides superior protection from side impacts. G-CELL technology is an integrated safety system, specifically engineered to spread the forces of an impact away from your child to reduce injury.

  • AirProtect® safety cushions

    RodiFix S i-Size features patented AirProtect® side impact protection in the headrest which reduces the risk of head injury by up to 20%.

  • Grows with you

    The seat’s adjustable open design alters in both height and width, so that your child will always be safe & comfortable from 3.5 up to 12 years old.

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