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e-Safety Smart Cushion

e-Safety Smart Cushion

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  • Meet Maxi-Cosi e-Safety: Makes your car seat smart
  • Maxi-Cosi e-Safety smart cushion

e-Safety Smart Cushion

Child detection | SMS reminder | Padded cushion | Fits most car seats |

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  • Child detection

    The smart cushion uses pressure sensors that are activated when your child takes the seat, enabling child detection.

  • SMS reminder

    Whenever your child is left unattended in the car, the corresponding e-Safety app will send you an alarm notification.

  • Padded cushion

    The ultra-padded cushion makes your child’s car journeys much more comfortable. Hello safety and softness.

  • Fits most car seats

    The Maxi-Cosi e-Safety is a smart cushion that fits most car seats.

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