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Pebble 360 Pro²

Pebble 360 Pro²

Pebble 360 Pro²

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Innovative SlideTech® technology | Full lie-flat position | ClimaFlow for temperature control | Easy-in harness | G-CELL Side Impact Protection |

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  • Innovative SlideTech® technology

    Our revolutionary sliding car seat technology combines with one-hand 360° rotation to make every day easier for parents. Simply slide, spin and go!

  • Full lie-flat position

    Pebble 360 Pro² reclines into a full lie-flat position in all modes for maximum sleep comfort – in the car or attached to a pushchair.

  • ClimaFlow for temperature control

    Designed with ventilation panels, breathable foam, and comfortable mesh fabrics for enhanced air circulation, ensuring your child stays cosy.

  • Easy-in harness

    Pebble 360 Pro² features an easy-in harness that stays open and out of the way, so you can effortlessly get your child in and out of the car.

  • G-CELL Side Impact Protection

    G-CELL Side Impact Protection provides your child with unrivalled safety, spreading the impact and reducing injuries in the event of a collision.

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