How to choose the right high chair for your family!

Dinner time is a moment for all families to enjoy each other’s company and share a meal. Babies and toddler love being part of the family when you sit together at the table. They will watch and copy as you eat. And that can make it much easier for them to get to grips with the new skills they need to learn. As a new parent, you probably can’t wait until your little one can join these moments. With a high chair, your little one can join you at the dinner table from birth or 6 months, up to 99 years old! To make sure your baby is comfortable and safe at mealtimes, you need to choose the right highchair. Here’s what you need to look out for:

1. Choose a high chair that grows with your baby

Your baby grows quickly, but switching to kneeling on an adult chair or sitting too low at the table can mean disrupted meals for toddlers. Save money in the long run by looking for a adjustable highchair that can adapt to fit as your baby grows. Our Nesta high chair even grows up to 99 years, so it lasts a lifetime!

2. Get them nice and comfortable:

Your baby will enjoy eating with you much more if they’re comfy. Look for a high chair with a sturdy back and a footrest to keep their feet supported. A padded seat or cushion is ideal too. A reclining position or full lie-flat is great for newborns so they can already join in with family mealtimes. Add the Nesta Newborn Kit to the Nesta frame (sold separately) to use from day one.

3. Look for a sturdy harness:

A sturdy and comfortable safety harness will keep your baby safe and secure in one place as they eat or play, giving you peace of mind.

4. Find an easy-to-clean high chair

Preferably one with a removable tray. First dinners can be a messy business, so look for easy-clean designs and washable covers. Don’t forget, when they’re not eating your toddler can use the tray for scribbling, jigsaws and games too. All of our high chairs are designed for easy cleaning, but with the contemporary lines of our Moa high chair you will combine easy cleaning due to no hidden crevices with eye-catching design.

5. Find a highchair that suits your home:

If you’re short on space, look for a highchair with a compact fold for when it’s not in use. Buy one made from premium materials that will look good in your home and will last. Our Ava's compact fold allows for quick and easy storage when meal time is over! With its ultra-compact folding, lightweight design (4.8kg) and integrated carrying handle, Ava has been designed to be picked up easily and stored away neatly.