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Ava High Chair

Ava High Chair

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  • 2040043300_2023_maxicosi_homeequipment_highchair_ava_graphite_beyondgraphite_carryinghandle_front
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  • 2040043300_2023_maxicosi_homeequipment_highchair_ava_graphite_beyondgraphite_front
  • 2040043300_2023_maxicosi_homeequipment_highchair_ava_graphite_beyondgraphite_graphite
  • 2040043300_2023_maxicosi_homeequipment_highchair_ava_graphite_beyondgraphite_removablecover_zoom

Ava High Chair

From birth up to 3 years old | Ultra-compact folding size | Easy to keep clean |

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Why Choose Me

  • From birth up to 3 years old

    With three recline positions and a comfortable padded seat, your baby can join family meals from the moment they start to try different foods, which can be from birth with a perfect angle for food diversification.

  • Ultra-compact folding size

    When meal time is over and you need a little extra living space, you can easily store Ava away, thanks to its lightweight design (4.8 kg) and ultra-compact fold.

  • Easy to keep clean

    Made for mess. The Ava highchair will get covered in everything from milk and pureed vegetables to soggy cereals and birthday cake, so its fabrics are water-repellent and machine washable.

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