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Minla High Chair

The chair that changes as much as they do.
From birth until approx. 6 years
0 - 30 kg
£ 179.99
In stock

Why Choose Me

Six different seating options

Six different ways to sit over six very different years. Thanks to its customizable fit, the Minla is the only highchair you need until your little one turns six! The Minla boasts five recline positions for newborns and those early months, four tray positions for those first baby meals, and nine different heights for when your child grows. A comfortable chair so you can all eat together and so your child becomes a part of family conversations at the table.

Water repellent fabric

Birthday cake and vegetable puree don’t always end up where they’re supposed to. For moments like these, the high-quality water repellent fabric and zip-off cover save you a headache. Just wipe it down or throw the cover into the washing machine fora deeper clean.

Compact fold

Need some extra space when you’re not eating? Quickly and easily store away the highchair thanks to its compact folding design.

From birth solution

A cosy inlay provides a relaxed lying position for newborns.

Product description

No matter the age, your little one will always be a part of family meal times with the Maxi-Cosi Minla. With its five recline, four tray and nine height positions, you can use it as a relaxed infant seat thanks to the cosy inlay, as a highchair or as a cool booster seat with tray. Offering a customised fit as your child grows, the Minla is full of possibilities.

While we cannot guarantee less of a mess, we can ensure a hassle free clean up! The high-quality material and zip-off cover are easy to wipe down or throw in the wash.

And when meal time is over you can easily store away the Minla thanks to its compact fold. But with its stylish look and feel, you may leave it out as a conversation starter!

The Maxi-Cosi Minla. The high chair that changes as much as they do.


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