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Zelia³ Luxe

Zelia³ Luxe

  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_3qrtleft
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_3qrtleft_2in1footmuff
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_adjustablepushbar_side
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_front
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_side_bassinet
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_side_extendablecanopy
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_side_extendablecanopycarrycot_
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_side_pebble360
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_side_raincover
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_side_reclineseat
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_side_reversibleseat
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_side_travelsystem
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_zoom_5pointharness
  • 1210470300_2022_maxicosi_stroller_zelialuxe_twillictruffle_zoom_wheelsuspension

Zelia³ Luxe

Luxury, premium design | 2-in-1 seat unit | Easy folding | Huge shopping basket |

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Why Choose Me

  • Luxury, premium design

    The Zelia³ Luxe is a special edition pushchair and is part of our Luxe collection with premium and stylish finishing and fabrics.

  • 2-in-1 seat unit

    With an integrated carrycot, Zelia³ Luxe is the 2-in-1 pushchair that has everything you and your baby need to explore the city for years to come.

  • Easy folding

    Everything about Zelia³ Luxe is designed to make life easy and fabulous. Its quick, compact one-hand fold leaves your other hand free for baby or a coffee to go.

  • Huge shopping basket

    Zelia³ Luxe’s stylish huge shopping basket is a big bonus. Holds 10kg of family essentials, so fill it up to go on daily adventures or to pop to the shops.

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