When is the best time to move your baby to their own room?

The best time to move your little one to their own room is when you and your little one are ready for it. Most health organisations suggest that the best timing could be after 6 months of sharing a bedroom, but there is no right or wrong answer. As it can be a big step for both of you, we’re here to help make the transition from co-sleeping to their own room as smooth as possible.

Always together

Being sure that your little one is safe and sound in their own room makes it a lot easier to transition from sleeping together to sleeping in separate rooms. The reassurance that they’re safe and sound can be created easily by a trustworthy and clear baby monitor. The fact that you can check in whenever you want or choose to let a notification alert you of any sounds makes the See Baby Monitor the best for all. With additional 2-way talk function and soothing music features, it’s a must-have product to create the feeling of being together while separated. The See Pro Baby Monitor features advanced CryAssist technology powered by Zoundream, which not only detects your baby’s cries and notifies you, but also automatically translates their cries and helps you understand if they’re: Sleepy, Fussy, Hungry, Gassy or Agitated.

Soothing during the night

It might take some time for your little one to get used to not being soothed by your presence immediately during the night. A soft song, white noise or soft lights might help them  learn to fall back  to sleep by themselves again. Connecting the Soothe Light & Sound with the See Baby Monitor allows you to create a routine that enables a specific sound or light when the baby monitor detects sounds or movement. When your baby grows, you can use the Soothe Light & Sound to create a time-to-rise routine for your toddler or as a nightlight for bedtime stories.

Nightly check-up

When they still need you during the night, either for a nightly feed or a nappy change, you want them to stay as drowsy as possible so they can return to sleep as quickly as possible. Keeping the lights low is key at this moment, preferably without making too much noise.  The Glow Crib Light can be placed under the crib so it never shines directly in their eyes and can be customised in intensity and colour. It also contains a movement sensor that is adjustable in range, so no need to search for the light switch.

For a well-rested night

Your little one's bedroom needs to be perfect in temperature and humidity to benefit from a good night’s rest. The Breathe Humidifier can automatically keep those levels up, or you can manually turn it on and off in the Maxi-Cosi Connected Home App. Adding essential oils as a diffusing mist helps with those nights when an upcoming cold is preventing your little one (and you) from sleeping through the night. The Clean 3-in-1 Air Purifier ensures the indoor air your little one breathes remains clean day and night. With the use of high-performance HEPA 13 filtration, the Maxi-Cosi Clean removes 99.97% of dust, pollen and airborne particles.