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Ultra-compact Travel bag

Ultra-compact Travel bag

  • 1898057111_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compacttravelbag_black_3qrtleft
  • 1898057111_2023_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compacttravelbag_black_2in1frontpocket_front
  • 1898057111_2023_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compacttravelbag_black_3waystocarry_3qrt
  • 1898057111_2023_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compacttravelbag_black_perfectfit_3qrt
  • 1898057111_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compacttravelbag_black_extendableshoulderstrap_zoom
  • 1898057111_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compacttravelbag_black_front
  • 1898057111_2023_maxicosi_stroller_strolleraccessory_ultra-compacttravelbag_black_handcarrystraps_zoom

Ultra-compact Travel bag

Perfect fit | 3 ways to carry | 2-in-1 front pocket | Name tag |

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Why Choose Me

  • Perfect fit

    Made out of durable materials, this travel bag fits all Maxi-Cosi ultra-compact pushchairs.

  • 3 ways to carry

    So versatile, you can carry it with ease in three different ways: with your hands, on your shoulder or like a backpack on your back.

  • 2-in-1 front pocket

    Store additional small items when using the bag, or when you are not using it, you can use it to store the travel bag to make it a compact package.

  • Name tag

    Discreet pocket to add your contact details so you can be contacted in case the bag gets lost while travelling.

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