Old models

Looking for Maxi-Cosi’s old models? Find all the information you need about our old collection or discontinued models on this page! As Maxi-Cosi we want to be sure you can travel safe with your little one, no matter which model Maxi-Cosi you own. Are you not sure which Maxi-Cosi model you have? Check with us via our contact form.

  1. Sun Canopy Mobi / Mobi XP
    Sun Canopy Mobi / Mobi XP
    Keeping your toddler protected from the sun and more comfortable
  2. EasyFix
    Belt or ISOFIX installable base for CabrioFix
    • Click & Go installation
    • ISOFIX/seatbelt installable
    • Installation feedback
  3. Pearl One i-Size
    Pearl One i-Size
    Rearward-facing toddler car seat up to approx. 4 years
    • iSize safety
    • Easyin harness
    • Installation feedback
    • ISOFIX installation
  6. FamilyFix One i-Size
    FamilyFix One i-Size
    Perfect anchorage for Rock, Pearl Smart i-Size and Pearl One i-Size
    • iSize safety
    • Click & Go installation
    • Installation feedback
    • Longevity
  7. 3wayFix
    Perfect anchorage for Jade, Pebble Pro i-Size and Pearl Pro i-Size
    • iSize safety
    • Installation feedback
    • Easy installation
    • Longevity
  8. BabyFix
    Perfect anchorage for Jade and Pebble Pro i-Size
    • iSize safety
    • Installation feedback
    • Click & Go installation
    • Rearward and lateral facing
  9. Coral
    Designed to keep you close
    • First modular baby car seat
    • Ultra-lightweight carrying
    • Multiple ergonomic carrying positions
    • Extra-large sun canopy
  10. Mobi XP
    Mobi XP
    Rearfacing toddler car seat up to 5 years
    • Rearward facing travel
    • Multiple recline positions
    • Belt hooks
    • Easy harness adjustment
  11. Rodi XP
    Rodi XP
    A safe and comfortable choice
    • - Side Protection System
    • - Easy headrest adjustment
    • - Lightweight
  12. Pearl Pro
    Pearl Pro
    Rearward-facing toddler car seat up to 4 years
    • iSize safety
    • Rearward and forwardfacing
    • Installation feedback
    • Easyin harness
  13. Board
    Ride along
    • Transport for toddler
    • Fits with strollers
    • Easy to connect
  14. Original Bag
    Original Bag
    Complete booster nursery bag
    • Booster nursery bag
    • Changing mat included
    • Useful storage space