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Iris Travel Cot

Iris Travel Cot

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Iris Travel Cot

0 - 3 Y
0 - 15 kg

Compact & Lightweight | Extra comfortable mattress | Two levels of sleep | EcoCare 100% recycled fabric |

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Why Choose Me

  • Compact & Lightweight

    Weighing less than 6kg, the compact Iris travel cot folds and unfolds easily and makes the perfect travel companion.

  • Extra comfortable mattress

    The Iris’ extra thick, super-comfortable mattress gives your baby all the comforts of home, away from home. Taking sleeping to a whole new level.

  • Two levels of sleep

    With two sleeping levels, you can raise the mattress so your newborn can have a nap or lower it so your toddler has a super-comfy place to sleep or play.

  • EcoCare 100% recycled fabric

    For comfort, convenience & sustainability, the Iris has a removable, machine washable cover made from EcoCare, 100% recycled fabrics.

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