Iris Travel Cot

Take sleeping to a higher level
0 - 3 Y
0 - 15 kg
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Why Choose Me

Compact & Lightweight

Weighing less than 6kg, the compact Iris travel cot folds and unfolds easily and makes the perfect travel companion.

Extra comfortable mattress

The Iris’ extra thick, super-comfortable mattress gives your baby all the comforts of home, away from home. Taking sleeping to a whole new level.

Two levels of sleep

With two sleeping levels, you can raise the mattress so your newborn can have a nap or lower it so your toddler has a super-comfy place to sleep or play.

EcoCare 100% recycled fabric

For comfort, convenience & sustainability, the Iris has a removable, machine washable cover made from EcoCare, 100% recycled fabrics.

Product description

When you’re travelling away from home with your newborn or toddler, you want to ensure your baby has the same comforts as they do at home. The Iris travel cot has two sleeping levels, so you can raise the extra-comfortable mattress to put your newborn down for a nap or lower it to ensure your toddler has a comfy place to sleep. Made from EcoCare, 100% recycled fabrics.
Comfort features
The Iris travel cot is designed to take comfort and sleeping to a whole new level, wherever you are. Designed to be adjustable, it features two height levels for newborns or toddlers. In either position, its extra thick, comfortable foam mattress will ensure your little one is fast asleep in no time. And covered with soft, breathable EcoCare, 100% recycled fabrics, Iris is good for the planet as well as baby. High mesh sides ensure your baby has good air circulation, so they’re always comfortable; whether they’re having a quick afternoon nap or a sleeping through the night.
Ease of use
The Iris travel cot is designed for parents, as much as it is babies. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to fold and take with you – it’s even got a handy travel bag to throw over your shoulder and you’re off! The higher sleeping level for newborns means you don’t have to bend right over to put your baby down for a nap, preventing any back strains. And its wide open top design makes it easier for you to get your toddler in and out, from the lower position. Iris’s machine washable fabrics quickly zip off, so it’s easy to keep it clean and looking good. It weighs less than 6kg, so travelling with your baby feels as easy as possible.
Age range
From day one to approx. 3 years old, the Iris travel cot is the ultimate travelling companion. Designed to be adjustable, it has two different height levels for newborns or toddlers. Raise the mattress high so you can easily put your newborn (0–9kg) down for a nap. And if they wake up you can easily pick them up for a cuddle without having to bend down all the way. When your baby learns how to sit up, you can switch the Iris to a toddler travel cot, by moving the mattress down to the lowest position (0–15kg). And with its high mesh sides, you can relax knowing that they can’t climb out when your back is turned.
Compact and light enough to take anywhere; a weekend city break, a sleepover at grandma’s or a summer holiday in the sun! Wherever you go, Iris will help it feel like a home away from home. Designed to provide comfort and cosiness for baby, and convenience and peace of mind for Mum and Dad. Made with premium fabrics and luxurious wood effect finishes, the Iris ensures comfortable naps, snoozes and night-time sleeps for newborns and toddlers alike. With its high-ventilation mesh sides, you can relax knowing that they’re always safe and sound.

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