Iora Co-sleeper

At the end of the day, it’s all about comfort
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Ultra-comfortable mattress

Comfort to dream about. With a cushioned mattress, the Iora co-sleeper offers your baby blissful levels of comfort with four incline positions to help relieve reflux.

Large storage basket

If your baby needs a feed in the middle of the night or you need to change their nappy or even the sheets, you can store all your essentials in the handy large basket underneath.

Easy slide for perfect fit

The Iora’s easy slide function ensures the co-sleeper fits your bed perfectly, so you and your baby always share the perfect co-sleeping experience.

Easy to fold and carry

The Iora is super-easy to fold and take with you when you’re travelling away from home or when your baby’s having a sleepover at grandma and grandad’s.

Product description

As a parent with a newborn, you’ll sleep extra-soundly knowing your baby is safely sleeping in comfort and within arm’s reach. The Iora is an elegant, stylish, adjustable co-sleeper with the most comfortable mattress you or your baby could dream of. Featuring an easy slide function, large storage basket, EcoCare 100% recycled fabric, five height options and four incline positions, the levels of comfort have been raised with the Iora Co-sleeper.
Comfort features
It's all about comfort with the Iora Co-sleeper. Elegant, stylish and highly adjustable, the Iora offers your baby the most comfortable mattress you could dream of. Iora’s soft, breathable inner fabric is made with EcoCare, 100% recycled fabrics for extra peace of mind that your baby will always be comfortable. If your baby has reflux during the night, there are four incline positions so that you can tilt them, so they're lying in a more upright, comfortable position to help relieve their symptoms. Mums and Dads rest assured, the levels of comfort have been raised with the Iora Co-sleeper.
Ease of use
With the Iora it's never been easier to ensure your baby has blissfully comfortable sleeps, naps and snoozes. With the easy slide function, the Iora co-sleeper fits your bed perfectly, so you and baby can sleep comfortably by each other's side and bond further throughout the night. The zip-off, machine washable, inner fabrics make it easy to keep clean, despite any little accidents or spills in the day or night. Iora is super-easy to assemble or adjust, with five different height options and four different incline options to choose from. And when you're travelling away from home or baby's having a sleepover, it's super-easy to fold and take with you!
The Iora is a multi-functional essential when you are expecting, as it's a stylish 2-in-1 bedside sleeper and cot. As a newborn until approx. 6 months old, your baby can enjoy the comforts of co-sleeping, right next to mum or dad. When you're ready to give your little one their own space, you can move the Iora to the baby's own room. Its super-comfortable mattress and sturdy frame make the perfect stand-alone cot. The Iora helps makes the transition easier for your baby as they can continue sleeping on their own, familiar bed.
Designed with comfort in mind, the Iora Co-sleeper elevates bedside sleepers. With its premium clean design in a range of modern colours and wood effect details, the Iora co-sleeper is easy to assemble and will stand elegantly, in any master bedroom. The large mesh window ensures that you always have a visible bond with your baby, even when the side is up. The Iora is also designed to be easy to fold and carry too, so that you and your baby never have to sacrifice comfort when you're away from home. It even comes in a handy travel bag if you are off for a weekend away or your baby has a sleepover at Grandma and Grandad's.

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