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Iora Co-sleeper

Iora Co-sleeper

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Iora Co-sleeper

Most comfortable mattress | Easy slide function | Large storage basket | Easy to fold and carry |

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Why Choose Me

  • Most comfortable mattress

    Your baby will our sleeps safely, soundly and comfortably thanks to Iora’s extremely comfortable mattress, which is the most comfortable mattress.

  • Easy slide function

    With Iora’s easy slide function, the bedside sleeper fits snuggly next to your bed so you can always sleep right by each other’s side.

  • Large storage basket

    Whether you need to feed, change a nappy, or apply fresh sheets in the middle of the night, all the essentials are within reach in Iora’s large storage basket.

  • Easy to fold and carry

    Going for a little trip or sleepover? The Iora can come with you, too. It’s easy to fold and carry in its own travel bag.

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