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Cassia Electric Swing

Cassia Electric Swing

Cassia Electric Swing

0 - 6 M
0 - 9 kg

Automatic Motion Detection | 360° Seat Rotation | 12 soothing melodies | The lightest swing |

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Why Choose Me

  • Automatic Motion Detection

    Smart and soothing. Cassia’s automatic motion detection, senses when your baby needs to be soothed and instinctively starts swaying to comfort and calm them.

  • 360° Seat Rotation

    For bonding with your baby, Cassia’s 360° seat rotation ensures you can always maintain eye-contact from wherever you are in the room.

  • 12 soothing melodies

    As well as offering soothing movement, Cassia also has 12 soothing melodies and nature sounds to play to your little one, to gently comfort and calm them.

  • The lightest swing

    Whether you’re in the kitchen, home office or living room, the Cassia is the lightest swing of its kind (only 4kg!), so it’s super-easy to take from room to room.

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