Why choose a car seat with side-impact protection? 

One in four car accidents is a side-impact collision. Unfortunately, these side-on collisions can result in more severe injuries for your little one than a frontal or rear crash. Statistics show that a child is critically injured in a third of side-impact crashes with one in three children dying as a result. That's why buying a side-impact protection car seat is important.

As robust and reliable side protection is vital to help protect your child in a car accident, you'll find our state-of-the-art Maxi-Cosi side protection system technology as standard in all our car seats for your complete peace of mind.

Why are children more at risk in a side-impact crash? 

There are several factors that make a side-impact collision dangerous for children. 

  • Your child's head and chest are extremely vulnerable to injury due to the forces of a side-impact crash.

  • Your child can be injured by the oncoming vehicle or by forceful contact with the inside of the car. 

  • Your car door could be pushed into your child, especially if their car seat is on the side of the impact.  

  • Your car's built-in side airbags are positioned to protect the head of an adult passenger, not a child, so may not offer the extra protection you think. 

What do safety regulations say about side impact protection? 

Older safety standards, like the ECE R44/04, are not tested for side-impact collisions. You can be reassured that all Maxi-Cosi car seats exceed this standard and do offer side impact protection. For other brands, you'll need to double-check.  

The newer i-Size R129 safety regulation does test for safety in a side-impact collision. If you buy any i-Size car seat, you can be confident it reaches minimum safety standards in a side-on impact. Browse Maxi-Cosi i-Size car seats


How does Maxi-Cosi'sside protection system work? 

All our car seats are fitted with side-impact protection technology. The parts of the car seat that cradle your child's head are reinforced with layers of EPS and foam material. This absorbs the impact of side and rear crashes and rebounds in frontal crashes. It also distributes the force of the crash away from your child's body. This all helps to prevent serious head trauma. 

We've also integrated technologies, like AirProtect®, into our car seats for even more protection. Find out more about our innovative AirProtect® technology

Top tip 

Never remove any of the layers of foam in your car seat, even when cleaning. They are vital for your child's safety and should always be left in place.