How SlideTech® technology makes every day easier

Raise your hand if you’ve ever risked throwing your back out to carry your not-so-little one in and out of the car – oh, everybody’s done it? While convenient and comfortable for your child, infant car seats can get tricky to carry and install in your car properly as your baby grows and grows. When they have grown older, installing your child into their follow-up car seats can be even more of a hassle. 

Let us explain to you how our revolutionary sliding car seat technology makes every day easier. No backache, head bangs, or struggles; simply lock, slide, spin, and go! 



Revolutionary sliding car seat technology

Did you know that over 90%* of parents with children aged 0-4 struggle with getting their children in and out of their car seats?

At Maxi-Cosi, we constantly innovate to make parent’s lives easier. The FamilyFix 360 Pro is the only car seat base that rotates and slides toward you using Maxi-Cosi’s patented SlideTech® technology. Our revolutionary sliding car seat technology makes getting your child in and out of the car easier than ever before.

*Panel Inzicht, December 2022. An online survey was sent out to 400 parents across France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom

How does SlideTech® work?

Our patented SlideTech® technology enables you to simply slide your child toward you, so you can comfortably get them in and out of the car. With FlexiSpin rotation on the FamilyFix 360 Pro slide out base, the compatible car seats can be rotated smoothly and easily, using only one hand! Simply lock, slide, spin and go! When you’re getting your child in and out of the car multiple times every day, the sliding car seat base takes the hassle out of it all.

The best possible back support for both parent and child

Our FamilyFix 360 Pro base comes with the AGR seal of approval, making it a 'back-friendly' car seat. AGR is an independent organisation of health care professionals and experts specialised in back related issues/ergonomics. They acknowledge that SlideTech® offers parents an ergonomic solution, as you don’t need to fully bend into the car to install your child or the car seat.

You can be confident that Maxi-Cosi’s revolutionary SlideTech® technology provides the best possible back support for both parent and child.

Built to the highest i-Size safety standards

Our SlideTech® car seat base is built to the highest i-Size safety standards, for maximum child car safety. This means you travel with your little one from birth all the way up to 4 years old, without having to worry about safety!
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