The future of family travel

A future design icon

Timeless and pioneering, the Maxi-Cosi Fame stroller is designed to give luxurious levels of comfort for both baby and parent. Fame’s premium details, seamless design, modern aesthetics and innovative features have been designed to stand the test of time. 

Discover Fame

Fame’s iconic frame has an integrated LED light system designed to illuminate darker streets and dimly lit pathways.

Wide spacious carrycot with SoothingSlope and a breathable double-sided memory foam mattress for enhanced sleep comfort.

Fame Features

Let us guide you through all the features this trailblazing stroller has to offer your family. Just click the hotspots for a full list of features.

The easy-in-harness makes light work of getting your little one in and out.

The easy-in-harness makes light work of getting your little one in and out.

Designed for parents of every height, the adjustable carrycot ensures you never get backache. 

In seat mode, Fame continues to ensure the best sleep comfort for your child with a lie-flat position and HD memory foam inlay offering luxurious comfort. 

magnetic buckle

Magnetic buckle

Fame’s 5-point magnetic quick-lock makes for super-easy installation.


Spacious seat

With its spacious padded seat, your little one will experience total comfort, as a baby and through to toddlerhood.



Simply pull a strap on the carrycot to gently raise your baby into an inclined anti-reflux position to sooth them while digesting meals.


Large extendable canopy 

A large extendable UPF 50+ canopy with see-through ventilation window & sun visor offer your child maximum protection.

To make family travel even easier, Fame’s iconic frame fits our most innovative range of 360 Pro infant car seats, designed with revolutionary SlideTech® technology. 

Always stay connected. Simply plug your phone in while strolling and the integrated powerbank will ensure your phone battery never runs out.

The future of family travel

A trailblazing stroller to take today’s families into the future. Iconic future-forward design to enhance your life together. New stroller DNA redesigned from the ground up to offer luxurious comfort for baby and parent. Fame - the future of family travel.

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