All-terrain Pushchairs

What to look for in an all-terrain pushchair

All-terrain pushchair are designed to cope with all sorts of different surfaces, including gravel and snow.

There are a lot of different types of off-road pushchairs available. Things to consider when looking for one include:

The wheels: all-terrain pushchairs have 3 or 4 large off-road tyres, which are often puncture-proof. The big wheels are great for going over rough ground meaning your baby can have a smooth ride even when you're walking on bumpy terrain.

Weight and size: off-road pushchairs tend to be heavier than standard pushchairs. Remember that you may have to carry the pushchair to the car, so buy something that you can lift. Also, make sure that the pushchair will fold up small enough to fit in the car or wherever you want to store it.

Manoeuvrability: Look for a pushchair with front wheels that swivel. This will make it easy to stroll around the woods or get around tight corners.

Flexibility: think about where you want to use the pushchair. If you're going to be using it in town as well as the countryside, make sure it is slim enough to fit through doors easily. If you want to enjoy countryside walks with your newborn, consider a pushchair that allows you to attach a carrycot or car seat to the frame

Comfort: it's essential to choose a pushchair with a comfortable seat that allows your baby to lie flat, and good suspension. That way, your baby can have a good snuggle while you enjoy your walk.

Once you've got the off-road pushchair that ticks all the boxes, lots of new avenues will open up for you and your baby. Have fun discovering them!