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Nesta high chair with newborn, baby & toddler kit

Nesta high chair with newborn, baby & toddler kit

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Nesta high chair with newborn, baby & toddler kit

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Complete bundle that lasts a lifetime | Unique reclining backrest | Durable and sustainable high chair bundle | Modern design |

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  • Complete bundle that lasts a lifetime

    With its unique reclining backrest, adjustable footrest and cocooning design, Nesta high chair bundle is designed to be used from birth into adulthood. This bundle includes a Nesta high chair, the Nesta Newborn Kit and the Baby & Toddler kit.

  • Unique reclining backrest

    Nesta’s unique adjustable backrest evolves with your child to offer the best comfort. From newborn mode featuring 2 recline positions including one lie-flat, to a tall and highly supportive highchair seat for toddlers and teens as they sit at the table.

  • Durable and sustainable high chair bundle

    Nesta has been made with future generations in mind. The frame is built from durable Beechwood and designed with minimal plastics, and the Newborn Kit and Baby & Toddler Kits feature premium 100% recycled fabrics to cocoon your baby.

  • Modern design

    With its clean modern design, the Nesta high chair bundle fits into every home interior - whether it’s around the kitchen table, in the livingroom in a play room or in your child’s bedroom.

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