Why choose an i-Size car seat?

How i-Size makes travel safer

What is i-Size (R129)?

i-Size is a new European car seat safety standard that came into force in July 2013 and forms part of the R129 regulations. R129 aims to increase the safety of children in cars by bringing the safety performance of the car seats to a new, higher level.

i-Size is the name of the first phase of the new R129 legislation ensuring enhanced performance criteria for car seats for children from birth to 105cm (approx. 4 years) which are installed with ISOFIX. R129 was developed using the very latest research into child safety in cars and is therefore the future of car seat safety legislation, but will continue to run side-by-side with ECE R44/04 in the years to come. 

Why was i-Size (R129) introduced?

Latest figures from Good Egg Safety, one of the UK’s largest in-car safety campaigners, reveal that 71% of child car seats are either fitted incorrectly or are incompatible to the child or car. 

These figures, collected from just under 3,000 child car seat checks throughout Britain in 2015, prove that child seat safety remains a significant problem, with many parents being unaware of how to correctly choose or fit a car seat. 

In addition to incorrect car seat selection and installation, many parents move their baby to the next stage, forward-facing car seat at approx. 9 months because:

- They appear to have outgrown the car seat as their feet stick out of the seat shell.

- The current law (ECE R44/04) allows a baby to move to a forward facing Group 1 car seat at 9kg

However, it is very important for a new born baby to remain rearward-facing for as long as possible. When a baby is born, it does not have a fully developed bone structure or adequate muscle strength and is therefore unable to prevent its relatively large and heavy head from being thrown forward in the event of an impact

What makes i-Size travel safer?

isize regulation

Differences between R44/04 and i-Size (R129)

Are R44/04 car seats still safe?
With the introduction of the i-Size (R129) regulation in 2013, there has been much confusion as to whether R44/04 car seats are still safe. Watch the video below to find out…

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