Car seats: did you know?

Discover what our baby car seats can do

You probably already know about how Maxi-Cosi car seats keep children safe when travelling. But there might be a few things you haven’t discovered yet. Check out these handy Maxi-Cosi car seat tips and tricks…

Keeping cool

Our seats aren’t just designed for car safety. They’ll keep your baby protected from the sun too. All Maxi-Cosi Group 0+ car seats have an integrated sun canopy, with fabric tested and proved to offer the highest level of protection – 50+ – from UV rays. 
maxicosi bebeconfort 2013cafsuncanopyattachtohandle
Safety handle
The handle of our baby car seats isn’t just great for carrying the seat – it also has a safety function. Always remember to put it in an upright position when you use it in the car. 
maxicosi bebeconfort 2015pebbleseatbeltinstallationhandleupright
Secret storage
Take a closer look at the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus, Pebble and CabrioFix and you’ll see a little door at the back. That leads to a small storage compartment – the perfect place for keeping spare nappies, dummies and other baby essentials. 
maxicosi bebeconfort 2015pebblebackviewsmalldoor
Doubling up for dinner
Want to feed your little one in their Maxi-Cosi baby car seat? No problem. Just turn the handle all the way back and lock it into a handy feeding position.

maxicosi bebeconfort 2015pebblehandlefeedingsleeping
Sitting comfortably
You can get your baby into exactly the right position with our seat reducers. They’re easy to remove too – just don’t forget where you put them (we know this happens a lot!). To see when you need to remove the seat reducer, check the manual.  
maxicosi bebeconfort 2015pebbleseatreducerflow
Easy cleaning
It’s simple to keep your Maxi-Cosi car seat looking smart. Just pop the covers off and put them in the washing machine. For washing instructions, check the label. And if you’re not sure how to put the cover back on, watch our videos.

Plane friendly
Going away? You can take your Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus, Pebble and Citi on a plane with you, as they’re all approved for use on aeroplanes. Use the lap belt in the airline seat to install the seat in a rear-facing position. Just thread the belt through the blue belt hooks and secure tightly.

Versatile bases
You can use your 2wayFix and FamilyFix bases even when your baby isn’t a baby any more. These sturdy ISOFIX bases fit from Maxi-Cosi group 0+ car seats to toddler car seats – so you can use them until your child is 4 years old.

Taking your child out in the car is a great shared experience, whether you’re just popping out to the park or going further afield. Naturally, you want the reassurance that your child will travel safely and happily and a properly fitted car seat will be your first priority.

Optimal safety
Always choose a safe car seat made by a reputable manufacturer, and we don't recommend to buy second-hand as the seat may be damaged and/or incomplete even if it looks brand new. For optimal safety, choose a car seat with extra side protection.

Also, make sure you install the car seat properly and that it is the right size for your child. Buy from a trusted shop and ask the salesperson’s advice. If you fit the car seat to the front seat of your car, it’s important to always turn off the airbags and put the seat of the car in the most rearward position. 

Make travelling fun 
Take regular breaks if you’re on a long journey – it’s important for you and your child to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and stay mobile! Take warm covers too so your child can take a nap – most car seats have a resting position.

Don’t forget to have some travel games planned to help pass the time on longer trips – even simple games such as I Spy will keep kids happy. You can also sing songs with them, play music or talking book CDs, and also make sure they have their favourite toy or book with them. Healthy snacks and drinks are a good idea too.

When you get there… 
Make sure you have suitable outdoor clothes ready for your child, sun protection if it’s hot, a raincover when it rains of a footmuff when it's cold.

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