Top rated Maxi-Cosi seatbelt installed toddler car seat
Authentic Black
  • - Seat belt tensioner
  • - Innovative stay-open harness
  • - Simultaneous harness & headrest adjustment
  • - Multiple recline positions 
£ 199.00
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Product description

Playing 'I spy' is a lot more fun when your child can actually see out the car window thanks to the Maxi-Cosi Tobi.

From the extra high position in the Maxi-Cosi Tobi, toddlers have a great view of what is happening inside and outside the car. The car seat is secured into the car with the car’s seatbelt using the intuitive belt routing points and the seatbelt tensioner and a colour indicator, located on the harness, confirms a secure fit for added peace of mind. Additionally, the Maxi-Cosi Tobi offers optimal comfort and convenience thanks to the multiple recline positions and simultaneous headrest and harness adjustment.

Why choose me

Ease of use • Very easy adjustment of safety harness and headrest height • Innovative stay-open harness stays open to easily get the child in and out in seconds • Easy to remove cover • Cover can be washed in a washing machine • Seat fits almost all cars and allows for an easy installation by car's own seat belt Comfort • 5 comfortable recline positions from sitting to sleeping Safety • Excellent test results for seat belt installed toddler seats General • 5-point safety harness for best restraint in a forward collision • Optimal safety in case of side-impact collisions • Usable forward facing from approx. 9 months until 4 years of age • Made in Europe


The belts are not the same length. Why is this?
Uneven belts may be caused by the incorrect guiding of the harness system. Check at the back of the car seat that the belts are not twisted and that the pull belt (that runs forward at the bottom of the shell) is in the middle of the system. Also check that the belt can move easily to and fro through the shoulder openings. For smooth movement, the belt buckle should be flapped forward completely. This belt buckle operates by releasing the belt tensioner. If the problem continues after you have checked this, consult your retailer.
When the buckle is open, I can no longer lengthen the harnesses, as if they are stuck. What's the problem?
This may happen because the belt buckle is not flapped forward enough. Pushing this forward by hand will release the blockage, so that you can loosen the harnesses.
When should I make the transition from a Group 1 seat to a Group 2/3 seat?
For the safety of your child, we recommend using the Group 1 car seat (9 months to 3 1/2 years/9-18 kg) for as long as possible. Wait to switch your child to a next stage car seat when your child has reached the maximum weight limit or if the top of your child’s head protrudes above the top edge of the seat. As long as the back of your child's head is fully supported by the shell, we advise against making the switch just yet, so that your child can be offered the best possible protection.



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