Rodi XP

A safe and comfortable choice
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  • - Side Protection System
  • - Easy headrest adjustment
  • - Lightweight
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Product description

As your child is constantly growing, a car seat that suits each stage of development is important. The Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP car seat is adjustable in both height and width, ensuring your child remains safe and comfortable as they grow.

The belt installed Rodi XP offers excellent protection in side-impact collisions thanks to the Side Protection System (SPS) and is lightweight and compatible with most cars for a quick and easy transfer from one car to the other.

Why choose me

Proven safety
• Forward facing child car seat easily fitted with a 3-point car seat belt 
• Optimal side impact protection for head, lower back and hips
• Belt guide correctly and safely positions car seat belt on child
• Back of seat reclines to suit the angle of the vehicle seat
• Approved to European safety standard ECE R44/04

• Adjustable in height and width to suit growing child
• Easy front access relaxed recline position
• Great padded seating comfort
• Lightweight, easy to switch between cars
• Cover easy to remove for washing

• Made in Europe

Note: Mandatory to use a child car seat up to 1.35m in height (1.5m in the Republic of Ireland)

I dropped my Rodi (SPS, XP, AirProtect) car seat on the ground. Do I have to replace it now?
No, that is not necessary if it was a normal ‘drop’ and not an extremely hard one or from a considerable height. When a car seat is dropped on the ground, it is not subject to the same kinds of forces as are exerted during a (serious) collision. There is therefore no need to replace the car seat.
What is the difference between the Rodi XP produced in the past and the current Rodi XP?
The ‘old’ Rodi XP (produced before 2007) has a Comfort Base that is used to adjust the seat into the reclining position. The ‘updated’ Rodi XP does not have a reclining position, but features a new and improved Side Protection System compared to the ‘old’ Rodi XP.
When should I make the transition from a Group 1 seat to a Group 2/3 seat?
For the safety of your child, we recommend using the Group 1 car seat (9 months to 3 1/2 years/9-18 kg) for as long as possible. Wait to switch your child to a next stage car seat when your child has reached the maximum weight limit or if the top of your child’s head protrudes above the top edge of the seat. As long as the back of your child's head is fully supported by the shell, we advise against making the switch just yet, so that your child can be offered the best possible protection.


Rodi XP
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