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Pebble Plus

Meet our safest and award-winning car seat
From birth up to approx. 12 months
From 45 to 75 cm
£ 99.00 £ 99.00
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Why Choose Me

i-Size safety

Compliant with the latest European i-Size safety standard, use it with a Maxi-Cosi base and follow-up toddler seat for 4 years of rear-facing travel.

Click & Go installation

Reduce the risk of an incorrect installation by securing your baby car seat with an ISOFIX base unit.

Flexible travel system

Compatible with all Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs plus many other brands

Comfy baby-hugg inlay

Offer your newborn baby a better fit and lying position with an additional inlay that hugs your baby, which includes a separate head pillow.

Product description

Discover the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus, the baby car seat that embraces your baby offering state-of-the-art safety performance and optimal comfort and ease of use from birth to approx. 12 months.

The Pebble Plus complies with the latest car set safety regulation known as i-Size (R129) and is recommended for use with the 2wayFix base offering a secure and rigid connection to the vehicle seat and easy click-and-go installation, but can also be installed using the car’s seat belt. The included baby-hugg inlay offers a better fit and lying position for your newborn for optimal comfort and the impact-absorbing material in the top side wings provides enhanced safety in a side impact collision. Compatible with all Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs, as well as many other brands, the Pebble Plus can be easily clicked onto a pushchair to create a flexible travel system. As part of the 2wayFamily, the Pebble can be used in combination with the 2wayPearl toddler car seat and 2wayFix base for i-Size safety and click-and-go installation right from birth.

Pebble Plus & 2wayFix
Pebble Plus & 2wayFix
Pebble Plus & 2wayFix
Pebble Plus & 2wayFix
Pebble Plus & 2wayFix
Pebble Plus & 2wayFix
Pebble Plus & 2wayFix

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