Pebble Plus

Meet our safest and award-winning car seat
Nomad Red
  • - i-Size (R129) safety
  • - Part of 3wayFamily
  • - Comfortable baby-hugg inlay
  • - Flexible travel system
  • - Impact-absorbing material
£ 199.00
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Product description

Discover the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus, the baby car seat that embraces your baby offering state-of-the-art safety performance and optimal comfort and ease of use from birth to approx. 12 months.

The Pebble Plus complies with the latest car set safety regulation known as i-Size (R129) and is recommended for use with the 3wayFix base offering a secure and rigid connection to the vehicle seat and easy click-and-go installation, but can also be installed using the car’s seat belt. The included baby-hugg inlay offers a better fit and lying position for your newborn for optimal comfort and the impact-absorbing material in the top side wings provides enhanced safety in a side impact collision. Compatible with all Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs, as well as many other brands, the Pebble Plus can be easily clicked onto a pushchair to create a flexible travel system. As part of the 3wayFamily, the Pebble Plus can be used in combination with the Pearl Pro i-Size toddler car seat and 3wayFix base for i-Size safety and Click & Go installation right from birth.

Why choose me

What's in the box
  • Pebble Plus, Sun canopy
  • Pebble Plus, baby-hugg Inlay
Ease of use
• Product is approved to use in an airplane (we advise you to still check with your airline prior to flying)
• Very convenient adjustment of safety harness
• Innovative easy-in harness stays open to easily get the child in and out in seconds
• The Pebble Plus can be installed stand-alone in the car with the 3-point seat belt
• Quick and easy installation in combination with a ISOFIX base unit
• Cover can be removed from the car seat without dismantling the integral harness
• Cover can be removed from the car seat and is easy to wash and clean in the washing machine
• Easy to release with one hand from Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs thanks to the memory buttons

• The innovative baby-hugg inlay adds safety and comfort for newborns
• Sun protected with the integrated sun canopy
• Comfy seat with extra padding

• Impact-absorbing material in top side wings offers extra protection
• Pebble Plus includes a 3-point safety harness
• Car seat is positioned rearward-facing in the car for optimal travel safety
• Side Protection System for optimal safety in side-impacts

• Very convenient adjustment of the harness height making the Pebble Plus adaptable to the size of the baby
• In combination with the 3wayFix the Pebble Plus and Pearl Pro i-Size are a convenient solution from birth up to approx. 4 years
Can I install the Pebble Plus with 2wayFix on the front passenger seat?
Yes, you may install the Pebble Plus on the 2wayFix on the front passenger seat if that seat has ISOFIX anchor points. VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that the airbag has been deactivated. Most cars do not have ISOFIX anchorages in the front passenger seat.
Can I install the Pebble Plus with the car's seat belt?
Yes you can install the Pebble Plus by the car seat belt, just like all other Maxi-Cosi baby car seats. The safety level of an installation by car seat belt gives an ECE R44/04 safety performance though, so we recommend to always use the Pebble Plus on the 2wayFix base in order to achieve the highest, i-Size (R129) compliant safety performance.
Can I revert the baby-hugg inlay?
Yes you can also put the baby-hugg inlay inside-out to use it like this if you like.
Can I use the Pebble Plus on the FamilyFix or EasyFix?
The Pebble Plus does not fit on the FamilyFix or EasyFix. It is part of a different and thoroughly tested safety concept together with the 2wayFix base. This combination complies with the stringent i-Size (R129) safety regulation.
Can I wash the baby-hugg inlay and cover of the Pebble Plus in my washing machine?
You can wash the cover of the Pebble Plus in your washing machine but at maximum 30 degrees and using a delicate washing program. We recommend hand washing the baby-hug inlay.
How can I adjust the height of the safety harness?
The height of the safety harness can easily be adjusted from the back of the Pebble Plus. Just open the storage compartment and simultaneously push the buttons to the inside to adjust the safety harness and head hugger. You can only adjust the safety harness when you use the Pebble Plus without the baby-hugg inlay.
How do I remove the Pebble Plus from my pushchair?
You can remove the Pebble Plus from a pushchair by pushing simultaneously on two grey buttons that are located just next to the carrying handle on the side of the car seat and pulling the seat in an upward direction. Please make sure you always place the car seat rearward facing and not forward facing on the pushchair. In combination with Maxi-Cosi and Quinny the Pebble Plus is very easy to release with one hand thanks to the memory buttons.
The Pebble Plus complies to the i-Size (R129) legislation. What does that mean?
i-Size (R129) is a new legislation that aims to make car seats even safer than before. i-Size (R129) car seats offer ISOFIX installation, rearward facing travelling up to at least 15 months, and improved safety standards for additional protection for head and neck.
What accessories are available for the Pebble Plus?
Maxi-Cosi offers these accessories for the Pebble Plus: footmuff, Summer cover, raincover and mosquito net, back seat car mirror.
When should I remove the Baby-Hugg inlay from the Pebble Plus?
The baby-hugg inlay of the Pebble Plus is designed to position your tiny baby so that the harness fits around them more securely and they are kept in more of a lie flat position whilst they are in the very early stages of development. As your little one grows, they may appear to fit more snuggly in the insert, however we can reassure you that this is normal and will keep your baby well protected in the event of an impact. Feedback has shown that the insert is usually removed when your little one is around 60cm tall ( around 4-6 months of age), however this is ultimately at your discretion as a parent and depends on individual circumstances. If you find that your little one still requires head support, you can remove the lower back wedge and keep the head support cushion in place until you feel it is no longer required.
Where can I find the integrated sun canopy on the Pebble Plus?
On the back of the Pebble Plus coming out from the rim you will find two small tabs that are attached to the sun canopy. You can pull on these tabs to extract the sun canopy and attach it to the carrying handle.
Why has the classification on the Pebble Plus changed from weight to height indication?
The Pebble Plus complies to the new i-Size (R129) legislation and this change is part of i-Size. It is done in order to make it easier for parents to choose the right car seat for their child, and thereby minimize premature up-sizing of the car seat. The Pebble Plus is for babies from birth to 75 cm tall.
Why is there a 12KG weight limit on the Pebble Plus instruction sticker?
In i-Size (R129) child car seats are classified in a length size range, but the legislation also requires to indicate a maximum weight of the baby. The Pebble Plus is suitable for babies from birth (45 cm) until 75 cm. The 12kg weight limit on the Pebble Plus refers to the 95 percentile weight of a child of 75 cm. This means that only 5% of the children will be over 12kg weight by the time they reach 75 cm.


Pebble Plus

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