Perfect anchorage for Jade and Pebble Pro i-Size
  • iSize safety
  • Installation feedback
  • Click & Go installation
  • Rearward and lateral facing
£ 139.00
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Product description

The Maxi-Cosi BabyFix provides the perfect anchorage for the Jade car cot as well as the Pebble Pro i-Size, Pebble Plus and Rock baby car seats. All of these seats are ECE R129 compliant and thereby offer state-of-the-art safety performance.

Thanks to the use of ISOFIX, the BabyFix is very easy to use and offers Click & Go installation of the car cot or car seat. This base unit provides visual and audio confirmation when the connection is secure.

Why choose me

Ease of use
• Very easy Slide & Go installation for Jade and Click & Go installation for Pebble Pro i-Size
• Newly designed ergonomic release buttons are easy to access from both sides

• Compatible with very comfortable Jade car cot and Pebble Pro i-Size infant carrier (baby hugg inlay and impact-absorbing material)

• Improved safety standards provide additional safety for head and neck
• ISOFIX anchorages provide the safest, easiest and quickest way to install a car seat
• Visual feedback confirms correct fit and minimizes chance of wrong installation
Can the Maxi-Cosi BabyFix base be installed in any car?
The Maxi-Cosi BabyFix has a universal fit on any i-Size seating positions in cars equipped as such. However, there are cars without i-Size seating positions, but with ISOFIX anchorage points. In most cases BabyFix will fit, but for a full list of compatible cars please consult the "Car Fitting List" at
My car has a floor storage compartment that prohibits correct installation of the support leg, what can I do?
We advise you to check the manual of your car if any information is provided. Otherwise you can contact your car dealer to assess options. It might be possible to place the leg at the bottom of the storage compartment or place the support leg on top of it. Some car brands also sell storage compartment filling material.
The display indicator with two connected dots remains red, what can I do ?
The display indicator with two connected dots indicates a correct installation of the support leg of the BabyFix. Make sure that the support leg is completely unfolded so that the angle of the support leg is slightly towards the front.
The display indicator with three connected dots remains grey, what can I do ?
The display indicator with three connected dots indicates if the car seat is correctly installed onto the BabyFix base. Please make sure that the front and rear mounting bars of the car seat are correctly clicked, and thus installed onto the base.
How can I release my car seat from the BabyFix base?
The car seat can be released from the BabyFix base by using one of the grey release levers on the side of the base. This is a one-hand operation, therefore it is not needed to operate both release levers simultaneously.
What is the function of the anti-rebound bar on the BabyFix ?
The anti-rebound bar brings more stability and safety for longer rearward facing use. This way the BabyFix can be used from birth up to 105 cm (approx. 4 years) rearward facing.
I do not have ISOFIX anchorage points in my car. Can I have them installed?
This is usually not possible because the ISOFIX anchorage points are almost always installed during production in the factory and are attached to the chassis of the car. However, there are a number of car makes that have been offering the ISOFIX system for a number of years as an "option”. In these cars, the assembly points for the anchorages are already integrated into the bottom of the car body. Please contact your car dealer for more information.
Is ISOFIX installation safer than installing a car seat with a car seat belt?
The biggest advantage of installing car seats with ISOFIX is that it prevents incorrect installation in cars. Car seats installed with a seat belt have a higher risk of incorrect installation. However, if correctly installed with a car seat belt, the safety score is not necessarily higher or lower compared to ISOFIX installation.
What is ISOFIX? How does it work?
ISOFIX is an international standardized fitting system, which provides a safe, easy and quick way to install a child car seat without the need of car seat belts. The name ISOFIX stands for ISO (International Standardization Organization) plus FIX (Fixation). ISOFIX car seats make use of two standard anchorage points at the base of the seat in the car, plus an anti-rotation device to prevent forward pitching: this can be either a support leg or top tether.
Why does the Maxi-Cosi BabyFix need a support leg?
The support leg serves several functions. The support leg prevents the car seat from rotating (tipping) in the event of an accident. If the support leg is not used, the car seat may be pushed so deep into the seat of the car during a frontal collision that the child will be thrown forward and may even hit the front seat or dashboard. The support leg is equipped with an indicator that shows whether the installation is correct.
I notice that there is some gap between the BabyFix and my vehicle bench. Is this safe?
This happens in some vehicles configurations where the ISOFIX anchorages are positioned high compared to the vehicle bench. As long as the 2 ISOFIX connectors and the support leg of the BabyFix are engaged correctly (check display indicators if correctly installed), this is safe. If possible, the support leg can also be adjusted in height in order to reduce the gap. This gap does not affect safety in any case and it is not allowed to fill the gap in any way whatsoever.
Why is the BabyFix base equipped with a removable and adjustable anti-rebound bar?
In order to allow an optimal fit in even more cars the BabyFix is equipped with a removable and adjustable anti-rebound bar. In case of a rear bench with a more upright backrest angle, adjusting the anti-rebound bar is needed. This can be done by pulling out the anti-rebound bar, adjusting the wheels on the rear left and right hand side from 1 (100° angle) to 2 (95° angle), and placing back the anti-rebound bar.
I notice that there is a gap between the rear of the BabyFix and the backrest of the seat bench. How can I reduce this gap?
In case of a rear bench with a more upright backrest angle, it could occur that after installing the base there is a gap between the backrest and the base. The BabyFix is equipped with a removable and adjustable anti-rebound bar to reduce a possible gap. Therefore, this can easily be solved by first unlocking the ISOFIX connectors and by pulling out the anti-rebound bar. Then adjust the wheels on the rear left and right hand side from 1 to 2 to get from a 100° angle to a 95° angle. Reinstall the anti-rebound bar and install the base again by connecting the ISOFIX connectors and placing the support leg in the correct position.
Are spare parts available for the BabyFix?
Yes, please contact your local baby specialized store or contact Maxi-Cosi Consumer Care for spare parts and other service related matters.
How can I store the support leg best when I don't use the base in the car?
When you're not using the base any longer, make sure you slide in the support leg completely. Then fold the support leg and lock it into the transport lock by pulling the support leg foot a little bit out.

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