First i-Size compliant cars arrive

Car seat safety boost

i-Size ready cars are coming onto the market, with the new Volkswagen Passat one of the first to have i-Size seating positions as standard. i-Size (R129) is a European car seat safety regulation, which gives maximum protection to children.

Not only are i-Size car seats easier to install in cars, they’re also safer because they allow rear-facing travel until the child is at least 15 months old. Plus, they give more protection to the child’s head and neck.

i-Size in the new Volkswagen Passat
All editions of the new Volkswagen Passat and Passat Variant have i-Size seating positions with ISOFIX fixing points in the side back seats, marked with the i-Size logo. All i-Size car seats will fit these positions and can be installed safely.

ISOFIX i-Size compliant car installation

Do I need to have an i-Size car to use an i-Size seat?
Most i-Size car seats can also be used in cars with ISOFIX anchorage points in the back seats – from tests, we know that the Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix fits up to 95% of these types of cars. You should always check a car seat fitting list though.

More i-Size cars on the way
Other car manufacturers have said they’ll start including i-Size anchorage points in their cars, and we expect that many more will be on the way in the course of the next few years. It’s all good news for child car seat safety, as support for the roll-out from by the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) shows. 

Find out more about i-Size

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