Safety turns easy


Safety turns easy

The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix is a toddler car seat which combines state-of-the-art safety and a 360° swiveling seat.
The AxissFix combines state-of-the-art safety performance, by complying with the latest i-Size car seat regulation, and a 360° swiveling seat to offer you the best ease of use ever! It will take only a few seconds to secure your child facing you. AxissFix comes with ISOFIX for an easy and safe car seat installation, and offers rear-facing travel up to approx. 2years (87cm) to enhance head & neck protection. It grows with your child from 61 to 105cm, from rearward to forward facing in a simple turn of the seat.
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Why me?

- i-Size safety
- 360° swiveling seat
- Rearward and forward facing travel
- Grows with the child
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  • Isofix

    This product is compatible with ISOFIX

Child car seats can be installed with ISOFIX or with the car seat belt. Depending on your car and personal needs, you can choose the car seat that suits your situation.
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AxissFix Plus

The AxissFix Plus combines state-of-the art safety performance with the convenience of a 360° swivelling seat from birth to approx. to 4  years.

Upgrade to AxissFix Plus

AxissFix AxissFix Plus
i-Size safety and ISOFIX installation
360° swivelling seat
Use from birth with included newborn inlay -

Why me?



- i-Size safety
- 360° swiveling seat
- Rearward and forward facing travel
- Grows with the child

Rating and Reviews

Concern over what is classed as "compatible"


As others have mentioned, the car seat really can be dangerous in rear facing mode. My little boys head fell forwards constantly when sleeping. Again like a lady in another review said, this is in a 13 plate Ford Focus. Which is listed as compatible. However it clearly isn't as the seats are on too much of an angle to make rearward facing safe. For such an expensive product you'd hope maxi cosi would actually check compatibility, as apposed to saying they're compatible because a car has the fixings.


Done the job i wanted it for!


I bought this as i have a bad back so to make it easier to get my son in/out of the car and ive not been dissapointed with it.


Good when awake, dangerous when asleep.


Had many Maxi-Cosi products and always pleased with quality and design. Planning to buy Rodifix Airprotect for eldest child.    The Axissfix is flawed, dangerous, should be recalled and taken off sale without delay.  The Axissfix without fail causes sleeping child's head to flop forward, dangling dangerously. Result is no lateral or linear support when sleeping. Having experienced someone driving into us side on (baby in a Pearl seat), I can tell you all that anything but the best support just won't do.  Not sure if the I-Size newer version has been refined to provide better support but this Mk1 version should be recalled. 


Amazing car seat


A very good car seat. It makes getting my child in and out extremely easy.  Make sure you check on Maxi Cosi website that it fits your car; it seems most of the bad reviews here are from people who didn't check this or didn't test it at a store (and possibly haven't reclined the seat).  Either way I can confirm it fits perfectly in a Qashqai.


Love my axissfix


I had the previous axiss with one of my older children and loved it. Now the newer version has isofix and rear facing it's even better. I originally had the 2way Pearl which I loved but it took up more room and I decided to change to this for the swivel function which is great. I only brought this once my son was over 15months so can't comment on rear facing. Easy to install with the isofix and feels nice and secure. No problems with my sons head when he is asleep and the seat is reclined. The seat is nice and padded and looks comfy. I did have to purchase something to stop my son getting his arms out of the straps but he can do this in any of his car seats!




This seat is terrible. If you want your baby's head to fall forward when they fall asleep then wake up crying, go ahead. Dangerous and scary for my baby.

West Sussex

Doesn't fit my car despite being on compatible list


I bought this car seat, and it's absolutely lovely and easy to install. However after using it for 2 days my daughter (7 months) fell asleep in it, and her head fell dangerously to her chest. It was rear-facing in it's full recline mode in a ford focus 2014 5-door hatchback. While our car is on the compatible list it turns out that only means that our car has isofix points, not that they actually checked it is compatible. In fact, after further discussion with maxi cosi, turns out our car is not compatible as the back seat is at too much of an angle to use this seat safely in rear facing mode. I can only assume if you have flat back seats this car seat will work fine... otherwise this seat is completely unsafe. Make 100% certain this seat fits your car by having it installed at a store (also means they have liability and responsibility to take it back if it turns out it's not suitable).


Concerns with babies head


Love the design and the ability to spin the car seat  however I am hugely concerned with the fact my babies head falls forward and looks uncomfortable and potentially dangerous when he falls asleep. I have contacted mothercare who I bought the car seat from and was advised to contact maxi cosi



I would not buy this carseat


I bought this car seat as was told was one of the best on the market how wrong was I. When I purchased the seat was asked by retailer the vehicle I had was told it would fit fine so we bought it at a great expense I might add. But we had problems with my little boys head bent right over so contacted maxicosi regarding this just to be told the car seat is not compatible with my vehicle



Best buy ever!


This car seat is amazing!  Back saver! To say the least.  Ive had this car seat since my little boys was 5 months , used with the rearward recline postion , so comfy for him.  And loved being up high. Moved to forward facing at15months ( safest)  The twist 360 is so handy.  To do feeds in the car , ect, or for siblings to keep them entertined, (while stationary) .  The seat covers come of easily, for washing .  And is super easy to fit. as.well as the seat easy to install  in the car  Hats of to maxi cosi .   Would like to know if I can but different colour covers, or chest  strap/ pads ? 




2.6 16


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