Extended rearward-facing travel up to 4 years


Extended rearward-facing travel up to 4 years

The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl is a toddler car seat which offers state-of-the-art safety performance and extended rearward facing travel from birth up to approx. 4 years.
The 2wayPearl complies with the latest car seat safety regulation known as i-Size (R129) offering secure ISOFIX installation in combination with the 2wayFix base and enabling extended rearward-facing travel up to 105cm (approx. 4 years). The 2wayFix base provides additional peace of mind thanks to its audio and visual confirmation when the connection is secure. The 2wayPearl provides optimal ease of use and comfort, thanks to the easy-in harness and full recline options in both directions. Use in combination with the 2wayFix base for audio and visual confirmation when the connection is secure. As part of the 2wayFamily, the 2wayPearl and 2wayFix base can be used in combination with the Pebble baby car seat for i-Size safety and rearward-facing travel right from birth.
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Why me?

- i-Size safety
- Rearward and forward facing
- Installation feedback
- Easy-in harness
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Car fitting
  • Isofix

    This product is compatible with ISOFIX

Child car seats can be installed with ISOFIX or with the car seat belt. Depending on your car and personal needs, you can choose the car seat that suits your situation.
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Safety awards

4 star safety for 2wayPearl

  • 4 star safety rating for 2wayPearl in the spring 2015 test
  • Top performing car seat that can be used forward and rearward facing 


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Why me?



- i-Size safety
- Rearward and forward facing
- Installation feedback
- Easy-in harness

Rating and Reviews

Rips clothes


I have used this car seat for about a year now and it pretty much annoys me on a daily basis. I often struggle to remove my son from the seat and the buckle gets caught and tears his clothes. Today after another torn pair of trousers, I thought it was time to write a snotty review !


Wouldn't buy any other car seat


It's comfortable(as he often falls asleep) secure, safe, love the reassurance from the light system on the Base. Rear facing up to a decent height too

North east

Great seat


Was checking the weight range of this seat as I've had it for 2 years and I have a v heavy 2 year old. He's still within the limit thank goodness! Saw it only had avg of 3 stars so felt impelled to say that this is a great seat - easy to buckle child in and comfy. This is the fifth seat I've purchased covering 2 kids in 2 cars and have absolutely no complaints. Good safety ratings too on which.


First class seat


We have a 2way pearl in each car and they have both had heavy use for almost 3 years and still going strong. There are so many benefits, firstly it is a safe, sturdy seat that is capable of being rear faced for longer than most. Even though it's roomy it has a compact shell and this means even when the headrest is at its highest it will still fit in most hatchbacks whilst given the passenger in the front leg room. It also has a really generous harness height, having sat my child in even rear facing group one seat (as he is tall and I want the seat to last) you good a good few extra centimetres. My son isn't currently 103cm the harness is level with his shoulders and the can still move the harness up another 4cm. The headrest is so cushioned, my son is really, really comfortable in the seat and the headrest gives added safety in the event of a sideways impact. The rebound bar and leg also give extra stability and I love the electronic alarm system that lets you know everything is connected correctly. My favourite feature other than it being rear facing for so long would be the spring loaded harness, so easy to pop your child in and out, we've never had twisted harnesses or had to fish them out from underneath him! Also it's really easy to wash the cover! LOVE this seat and we really did our research! 


Mind the springs in your child's face!!


At first I was really pleased with the seat until little one reached around 20 months and started figuring and the springs from the seat belt pops out was was sticking in my little girls neck!.. this keeps happening so I have now brought another make



3.6 5


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